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Windows 8 Storage Spaces and Disparity

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  1. yitzi

    Hi, I'm looking to test out Windows Storage Spaces in Windows 8 for drive pooling. I believe MS creates a viritual drive as the new pool. Do you know how that might work with Disparity?

    For instance, if I have a 5TB pool, does the Parity drive have to be 5TB or larger? can I pool the parity drive?

    I know this may be complicated, and I'm willing to test out to see how it works.

    Thanks in advance.

    Posted 8 months ago #
  2. Klaatou

    Hello, I think I can answer as I may test Storage Space too one day and I already look at its features ....
    When you use Windows storage space the disks part of the pool disappear for the system, they are no more in the usual disk manager, you only see the pool. So for a 5TB pool you will have to have the same for parity.
    And, as you have to "format" the disks to get them in the pool, you cannot pool the parity driveS.
    In this case, it would be better to use the mirror option in Windows storage space for the best security.
    Using Disparity with Storage Space seems not very possible nor usefull.
    Another feature can also be a problem : Storage Space is dynamic, you can add disks and change its size, so you would have to increase the parity size too. When you know you can "protect" as many disks you want with only one big parity disk as far as it is the biggest you are far to be so "cool" with Storage Space.
    Better use the build in security in Storage Space (Mirror or Parity). Mirror seems the best with the new ReFS file system which can auto correct some errors by choosing the good version in the mirror (Re is for resilient).
    But you will use a lot more disks.
    One last thing I heard about Storage Space is that it can stop working (you don't see the pool drive) if you reach its maximum capacity. At least untill you add another drive... As I heard that a long time ago, I hop it is not true anymore (?) ....

    Posted 8 months ago #

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