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Version 0.41 beta available

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  1. Roland

    Version 0.41 beta is an update for 0.40 beta. Beta users running 0.40 should upgrade to version 0.41. If you are running the release version 0.39 there is no need to upgrade now unless you want to be a beta tester.

    Changes in this update are listed in the release notes.

    Please visit the beta page to download version 0.41.

    If you encounter any issues with the new beta, please post them as a new topic under the "Bug Reports" forum, rather than replying here. Thanks!

    Posted 11 months ago #
  2. cybrsage

    I got a pop up in beta .40 which was blank except for a box that said OK. I clicked it and it took me to a /upgrade url which does not exist. I figured it meant a new version was available, but wanted you to know of the problems.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  3. cybrsage

    I tried reopening disparity again and it gave me the same pop up, only this time the box was populated, telling me there is an upgrade available. I will blame that part on sunspots, since it has worked several times now.

    The url still fails though:


    Also, the installer put a second shortcut on my desktop...it did not check to see if I had one already there.

    Posted 11 months ago #
  4. Roland

    I think you might have been running an earlier release of 0.40 that was going to the wrong link for the upgrade. It should be going to beta.html, not upgrade.html. It's been many months since I changed that around so I can't quite remember. For now I've put a copy of beta.html up as upgrade.html in case this happens to other folks as well.

    I can't explain the shortcut duplication...the installer is a black box to me. It's generated automatically by Visual Studio. I've had various annoying difficulties with it in the past so I'm planning to switch to a new installer at some point.

    Posted 11 months ago #

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