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  1. Here are a few thoughts on things to add to DP

    1) Show the number of operations remaining for each drive to the right of the free space display (ie: Adds remaining, deletes remaining, moves remaining, skipped files,

    2) Some additional functionality to the log file, such as the ability to clear the file

    3) Filter options for the log view, such as show all adds, deletes, or warnings. Check boxes to turn off things like scanning drive X etc.....

    4) The ability to have multiple configurations (For those of us who have multiple pools of drives) with seperate parity drives for each. I realize they can all be backed up to
    the same parity drive, however I have seperate pools for different types of data, such as static data that rarely changes, frequently used data, and temp data that serves for
    incoming file transfers or metadata (all heavily trafficked data)

    5) Cosmetic change: A slightly larger window for the ignored files (This is not necessary but would look nice)

    Thanks for reading, I'll add more if I think of any


    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Roland

    Thanks for the suggestions! I will keep them in mind.

    Posted 1 year ago #

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