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It took 17.5 hours, but a failed drive is recovered

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  1. sykl0ps

    A full 1.5tb drive failed, wouldn't read anymore. Replaced it and it took awhile, 17 and a half hours, now everything is back in place as it was before.



    Posted 1 year ago #
  2. Roland

    Great news!

    I've had several 2TB drives fail recently, all at about the 3 year old mark (and just out of warranty, of course.) The failure mode is odd. They don't die completely, they just get slow. They stop responding entirely for a minute or two, then come back. So no data lost, just frustrating to have to be replacing all these drives so soon.

    Posted 1 year ago #
  3. sykl0ps

    This drives failure was the weirdest one for me, it would read some files fine, others not at all, and some part of it. When having problems it would just hang, with the activity light solid, eventually it would recover and could be accessed again, but by that time any file operation had error out.

    I guess it must of been a problem with one of the read heads but the other(s) were fine and if the file was lucky enough to be on one platter then it was good to go.

    The 1.5TB that failed me was a WD Green WD15EARS. Manufacture date was March 19, 2010. Last SMART data from it said it had been powered on time of 1529 days, over 4 years not so bad.

    Also had a 1.5TB Seagate 7200.11 start failing, but was able to just copy everything off of it. It started having a difficult time spinning up, lots of clicking, long time to get started. Lasted just over 3 years, however it was in a desktop computer before being used as media, so it had 25,000 start/stop cycles on it.

    I've had other drives fail in the past, but never recorded any info about them. I thought now I'd pay more attention since I've got so many spinning.

    Anyhow, that was the last of the 1.5TB drives, everything bigger now, the WD that died just got replaced with a 4TB.

    Posted 12 months ago #
  4. Roland

    Yeah, these 4TB drives are awesome, I can consolidate multiple smaller drives down to one drive with those, and reduce the overall number of drives in my array. And now they have 6TB drives, and I think I saw a 8TB drive somewhere on Newegg last week.

    Only problem is my mobo is so old it won't recognize anything over 2TB, and I'm now out of ports on my PCI/SATA cards that can handle 4TB. I guess it's time to rebuild the whole thing...

    Posted 12 months ago #
  5. sykl0ps

    you could try a port multiplier, that what I had to do with my weird old pieced together system.

    I think this is the one I'm using: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816124072

    works fine with my addon SATA card and doesn't need a slot on the motherboard.

    Posted 12 months ago #

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