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Move parity to new drive?

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  1. yitzi

    Can I move the parity from one drive to another? e.g a larger drive?

    Also, can there be a drive of equal size to the parity drive?


    Posted 9 months ago #
  2. Roland

    If you change the parity drive location under Options, it should move the parity data for you. If there's a lot of it, it could take a while, possibly several hours, depending.

    Data drives can be any size, even larger than the parity drive. What matters is how much data you have on the drive, not the size of the drive itself.

    There is some overhead in how data is stored on the parity drive, so if you have a drive that is the same size as the parity drive, and you completely fill it until there is no room left, it won't fit on the parity drive. You can get pretty close, though.

    Posted 9 months ago #
  3. yitzi

    Thanks Roland!

    Posted 9 months ago #

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