Costa Rica, 2004

In early 2004, we went to Costa Rica for a week with our friends Dave & Christine Bourgeois. Dave & Christine met us in San Jose, Costa Rica, on the way back from their trip to Ecuador and The Galapagos. These are the photos I took during the trip. All photos were taken with a Minolta DiMAGE A1 that we bought just before the trip. The A1 is an extremely complicated "prosumer" camera and I am an extremely amateur photographer, so most of the time I just shot everything in auto mode and hoped for the best. No doubt in the hands of an experienced photographer these photos would have come out a lot better, so don't let their poor quality reflect negatively on the A1.

Our first day in Costa Rica was pretty much blown just getting the rental car and then immediately getting lost. It is easy to get lost driving in Costa Rica because there are no signs ANYWHERE. I only managed to take one photo in the garden of our hotel, a fairly nice place in an otherwise shitty part of town.

Figure 1. Eileen by the fountain.

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