After leaving San Jose, our first destination was the town of Fortuna, which is right next to the Arenal Volcano. Our big plan was to see some hot lava action. Unfortunately, the clouds arrived in Fortuna just as we did, and we couldn't see a damn thing. We had to take the locals' word for it that the volcano was right over there. I didn't bother taking a single photo.

But, on the way to Fortuna, we stopped in a pleasant little mountain town called Zarcero. The central square, in front of a church, featured some odd plant sculptures, so I whipped out the ol' A1.

Eileen under a shrub arch.

A large, permanent creche complete with miniature underware.

Zarcero's church. There were a lot of people inside listening to some recorded music. A sign by the door referred to it as "our temple", leaving us confused about the actual religious denomination.

View from the "church" steps back over town.

One more shot of weird shrub art.

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