Santa Elena's Reserva Natural

The next day we headed over to the Reserva Natural, home of the famous Sky Trek canopy tour. Basically, you climb up a tower in the rainforest and they attach you to cable. Then you go hurtling through the canopy at high speeds. Whee! I was still recovering from a dislocated shoulder, and Christine was having shoulder issues of her own, so we definitely were not up for that. Also, it was a bit too much like Disneyland. We did the Sky Walk instead.

It rains pretty much constantly in the Reserva. It's a rainforest. So taking pictures was difficult. The lens got covered in mist as soon as I took out the camera. Also they tell me getting digital cameras wet is a big no-no. After the Sky Trek, we returned to ground level for a guided tour in another part of the reserve.

On the Sky Walk.

Having a quick lunch, back at Sky Walk HQ.

Meeting our guide Bernal before the nature hike. We always had great guides in Costa Rica but Bernal was the best. He spoke fluent English and was incredibly enthusiastic about everything in the rainforest.

Map of the Santa Elena Reserve.

Ready to see some nature.

Milipede! Bernal pointed out that they smell like almonds. This is because they are coated in cyanide.

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